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8 Motors offers high class car electrical work, mechanical work and much more. We speak Finnish, English, Estonian, Russian and Georgian languages.

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We offer the following services: car electrical fault finding and repair, car key services and much more.


We are able to read the error codes and clear the error codes for almost all brands. We also find and solve the most difficult electrical and mechanical problems. We also offer a thorough pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle.

We fix car electrical faults. We have a lot of experience with different models and their errors. The most common electrical faults are due to broken wiring and faulty control units.
We have the expert level of equipment and technology to achieve the quickest possible solution to problems. We install and remove accessories from vehicles.

We succeed in repairing the control modules and cloning the control modules. If your module cannot be restored or cloned, we will find a suitable new or used part. We have many devices for reading different microchips.
Among other things, we perform electric ignition lock repair, electric steering lock repair, speedometer unit repair, engine control unit repair, FRM control unit repair, etc.

We will repair the speedometer block and, if necessary, we can clone a new or used speedometer according to your vehicle. We replace the led lamps to change the backlight of the speedometer. If the new speedometer has a different odometer reading, the odometer can also be corrected.

Almost all cars today have an airbag system and this system is controlled by the airbag control unit. If the car has an accident, the airbag control unit will contain an crash error code. Occasionally, airbag control unit error codes occur due to a low or bad battery. We can remove error codes from the control unit and there is no need to buy a new expensive control unit. We perform airbag control unit repair and airbag error code removal.

We have a device with a database of radio codes for the most common car brands. After replacing the battery, the car radio may forget the code, and if it is not found in the car’s documents, we can help.

If you have lost your car keys, want to make a spare key or your car key no longer works then we will solve your problem.
We will solve the problems related to the immobilizer and, if necessary, we can remove the immobilizer.

We perform various encodings of modules. The cars do not always have the accessories installed at the factory that the customer needs or some of the extras are unpleasant, in which case we will encode the accessories for the car or remove it from the coding. Sometimes, for both new and used smarter spare parts, it is necessary to make it clear to the control module which vehicle and with what equipment the spare part will be installed.

Adaptation, or the teaching of new values, is necessary after the replacement of some electrical components and sensors. Adaptation is also required, for example, after a gearbox oil change, as many modules learn the values themselves and old values do not always match the new oil.

Today, software development and the automotive industry goes hand in hand. Because the first solutions are not always the best, software developers are constantly making improvements. A software update can significantly improve both engine performance and the performance of an automatic transmission or some others control modules.

We perform various maintenance and repairs. We can reset the maintenance intervals and record the work done in both the regular service book and the digital service book.

We perform maintenance and repair of vehicle air conditioners. We maintain both R134a and R1234yf systems.

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